Transmissions Expanded is an online portal to educational materials related to Lisa Jackson’s Transmissions art installation: an opportunity to dig deeper into the languages, the revitalization efforts and the cross-disciplinary thinking that animates the artwork.
Transmissions Expanded gives a glimpse into what the Elders mean when they say “the culture is in the language.”

The languages

Canada’s original languages belong to 12 language groups and are spoken by over 200,000 people. In this section, listen to the languages, find out how they differ from English, and learn how colonial policy impacted them as well as current commitments to protect and restore them.


Across the country, there are many language revitalization efforts working to stem the tide of language erosion. From filmmaking to community radio, language nests to adult immersion, see community-driven programs in action and hear speakers tell what it means to learn your language.

Dig Deeper

Dig deeper into the core ideas of Transmissions. This section includes speakers talking about the values embedded in their languages, and videos of a symposium with Indigenous experts discussing topics from the Anthropocene to Indigenous futurism and colonialism. There’s a reading list for those who want to take their explorations even further.

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