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Canada’s 50+ Indigenous languages continue to be threatened, inspiring language revitalization efforts across Canada and around the world. Transmissions comes from an Indigenous perspective and offers an affective art experience matched with educational material that can lift up, pay respect to, and raise awareness of the scope and complexity of Indigenous understandings held within language.

One of the foundational ideas of Transmissions is that it provides a platform for cross-disciplinary conversations that can help “knit the world together,” that the divisions inherent in Euro-Western categorization lose the wholeness of the world and divorce us from our connection to and responsibilities towards it.

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“Everything happens in the verb. Mi’kmaq people see the world as being as always moving, always changing. The English language, being a noun-oriented language—I could use perhaps a metaphor by saying that English is like a still camera that takes pictures of the world, frame by frame by frame. The Mi’kmaq language is more like a movie camera that takes pictures of the world as being in constant flux.”
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“We traveled with my grandmother, I lived with my grandmother. We traveled across different territories and learning different languages as we went along.”

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Transmissions Expanded is an online portal to educational materials related to Lisa Jackson’s Transmissions art installation: an opportunity to dig deeper into the languages, the revitalization efforts and the cross-disciplinary thinking that animates the artwork.
Transmissions Expanded gives a glimpse into what the Elders mean when they say “the culture is in the language.”
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